The platform enables:


Connect directly with communities to deliver their projects through a standardised platform at public spaces across the world.

Civic Stakeholders

Engage with their audience and constituents for direct feedback delivering polling, data visualisation and creating the opportunity to support screen events with interactivity.


Study audience engagement and develop metrics, experimentation with interactivity


Participate in interactive arts projects, have a voice in public policy and the shaping of public space programs through polling and on-screen forums

Urban Screen Productions (UTV) are world leading experts in the highly specialised field of Urban Screen design, installation and management and Digital Placemaking.

We have worked exclusively in this highly specialised field for almost 15 years. We consult on technology and strategy, curate and produce content and provide operational management support to our civic partners. We currently manage the screens at Federation Square, Bunjil Place Cultural Precinct and Macquarie Mall in the city of Liverpool in Sydney’s west. We are currently also supporting the launch of several other screen projects nationally and internationally.


UTV have been responsible for specifying, designing and installing the operational platforms for most of the non-commercial urban screens in Australia and in the process have been able to effectively standardise these systems and platforms.


A communications gateway supporting incoming data:



Web form


A centralised cloud-based content management and campaign management system for managing media and customisable templates.

An SDK and API’s for supporting integration with other platforms and for artist’s projects.

A presentation layer featuring HTML5/JSON support and Unity gaming platform for more powerful 3D rendering for data visualisation, interactive arts projects and gaming functionality.

Extensive audience engagement reporting capabilities.

The Technology Platform

The common supporting technology features of the screens within the network include:

  • HD PTZ Camera – facing audience for interactive projects
  • HD Camera – facing screen (for remote monitoring)
  • Powerful dedicated local graphics rendering PC
  • Audio output (live and/or streamed)
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Multiple venue input support including:
    • Fibre
    • Cat6
    • HD/SDI
    • HDMI

The Network

Our rapidly growing International network of cultural screens provides a ready-made exhibition platform for creative works while also contributing to the smart cities discourse and researchers objectives through its ability to capture relevant audience interaction, user metrics and feedback.

Standardising the technical infrastructure and system architecture across our network maximises the ability for artists to develop projects that interface seamlessly to any location while providing greater access to a larger network of opportunity and connection to a wider range of communities.

Stage One - September 2018

Stage Two - December 2018

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